Business cards

A looooooong time ago I worked for a woman who made backdrops. I was her assistant, and I liked her original business cards: swatches from her back-drops on which she stamped her info. Presto: sample and business card in one. They kind of ruined me, and along with budget concerns and other stuff, prevented me from generating my own…I didn’t want something too slick and impersonal to represent me. Oh no, I needed texture and personality. Well, long story short, my search for perfection kept me from reality: a working artist needs a business card. That’s all. Now I, FINALLY, have some. They arrived yesterday, and I’m very proud of them. They’re not textured, they feel as slick and well printed as anyother product made by the nice folks at Modern Postcard, however, I think they’ve got personality — and accurately represent the kind of work I do. So, the next time somebody asks me for my card they’ll be no more bashful stammering for me: unh-uh, cos Kate Forman Illustration is licensed to carry (business cards.)


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