'Parched' by Kate Forman Copyright 2004

‘Parched’ by Kate Forman Copyright 2004

My thoughts are with Japan today, as they have been all weekend. I’m putting this image up because it has been used in two spiritual publications, and to me it has always been about fragility and resiliency. Japan’s demonstrated resiliency is amazing, their national organization and individual coping skills in this time of crisis have undoubtedly saved many lives, and yet they remain at such risk for continued harm. I’m wondering what it is like to wake up there, and I am praying for an end to their disaster and for deep support and healing to encompass them.


2 thoughts on “Parched

  1. Thank you for sharing this Kate. The crisis in Japan is truly horific and so huge it is difficult to wrap your mind around and parched brings it all to the human scale of one person doing their best and hoping.

  2. Thank you so much Liz. I’ve been having trouble wrapping my mind around it, just as you described. I wrote an e-mail this morning to a friend of mine who lives here but has all his family and many friends still in Japan. It was hard to know what to say, other than to express concern, and hope.

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