Time management, argh, ack, and oh jeez

'Tug of Water' Copyright Kate Forman Illustration 2004

'Tug of Water' Copyright Kate Forman Illustration 2004

Since I’ve had this blog (two months,) I’ve made it my business to post about once a week, usually on Tuesdays. However, I didn’t post anything at all last week. After nearly two months of prompt and enjoyable blogging, a developing Twitter presence and a fairly steady presence on Facebook, I hit the wall.

Simply put: I have poor time management skills. However, I also have a day job, a family, the loveliest fella ever, illustration deadlines, and, you know, a strong need to make art. So, more complexly, if I spend all day painting I have anxiety about my marketing campaign (I have GOT to get out another e-mail ‘blast,’) but if I spend all day twittering and networking (check out this cool jewelry and mixed media artists’ blog, and this magical artists’ one too) I have guilt about not painting (what’s the point of shouting “I’m an artist, pay me” from the virtual mountain tops if my craft languishes?)

But, let’s be real, it’s even more complex than that: because my day job sustains me financially, and I find it emotionally rewarding too, because my family and friends (and the lovely fella) need more than furtive texts and breathless apologetic voice mails.  If the other side of my career and my personal life don’t get enough attention, they all get cranky, and justly so…but if I place my art lower than them on the time priority list I get cranky (and so do art directors on tight deadlines.) So.

It’s hard.

In an attempt to save this from a completely self gratuitous vent, I will pass along this fantastic blog: ArtBiz — for the business of being an artist, I find her to be an excellent resource for art marketing and tough love inspiration. And, shuffle shuffle, I am aware that balancing acts and time management are all things I can and will work on.

But, I’d just like to say: it’s still hard to get pulled in so many directions all at once.


4 thoughts on “Time management, argh, ack, and oh jeez

  1. Yes it is. You need a personal assistant. They can do the twittering and blogging and free up time for painting and fella…. oh, and maybe they could take some hours each week from the day job. That might work.

  2. Personal assistant. YES! I’d love one, too. And just thinking about this has started my wheels spinning. Because I think the surface of something’s been unearthed with this suggestion and I’m only now getting an idea of what it might be. I think it deserves to marinate a titch more until I can put into words what I’m feeling….

    Kate, I don’t think it’s about poor time management skills. I’m sure the skills come into play, but I doubt that they’re ‘poor.’ I think it’s about something more. Something bigger…. I’ll let you know what I come up with, ‘k?

    And big thankyous for the shout-out in this blogpost. 🙂 I’m terrifically honored.

    • Delayne your welcome on the blog-shout-out: I love your blog and am constantly inspired by your great FaceBook fan-page marketing skills, too. I’m always struck by your ability to personally relate and be real, but yet still focused on your art and the business end of things — if that makes sense. Speaking of which, heck yea: I’d really like to hear your ideas and thoughts about time management and personal assistants, etc. I’ve really been thinking about how to create “artistic balance,” and I do think you’re right that it’s about something “bigger.” Looking forward to more dialogue…

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