Ooh la la: MacBook Pro

'Future Bathroom' Copyright Kate Forman 2009

‘Future Bathroom’ Copyright Kate Forman 2009

Right now I’m typing this on my brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro. It feels good — very good. I’ve been a PC girl ever since I won my first computer off of an Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice bottle cap. I was a decorative painter at the time and tired after a long day of glazes/faux finishes and climbing ladders, and it took almost the whole drive back from Greenwhich, CT to NYC to accept that I was a “Grand Prize Winner.”

That was three clunky, slow, virus ridden desk-tops ago, and making the switch to a Mac felt good. There’s definitely a different vibe going on at the Apple Store: even though they were busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger every staff member was polite, kind, and enthusiastic. It felt a little like meeting very accepting in-laws, they were nonjudgmental of my PC past, and referred to me as a new member of the “family.”

Usually, I’m a technophobe and I don’t bother to hide it. When I did the illustration assignment at the top of this post the art director of the kids magazine asked that I draw two kids interacting with some of the future technological advancements mentioned in the article, but the not-so subliminal drawbacks to a life of relentless technological innovations were all mine (no more faking a sick day if the bathroom mirror can diagnose you…)

In addition, I’m also pretty thrifty (such a nicer word than “cheap.”) So laying down a serious amount of cash for some slick machinery felt odd, but not unpleasant. I will never, ever, give up the feel of making art with my hands, but I have found that my marketing plan and business organization is conducted almost exclusively over the internet now, and having a computer that is as user friendly and as art-oriented as this one is lovely — I have not wanted to throw it out a window even once. Not like my old desktop which would have been sailing over the Tri-Borough bridge, except that it was so flipping heavy. I know, I know, this is the honeymoon period & I’m sure there will be glitches along the way — just like with any longterm relationship, but I feel like this one is starting off with a lot of trust, love, and a huge commitment — and that’s comforting.


4 thoughts on “Ooh la la: MacBook Pro

  1. agreed. your shopping experience at the mac store sounds a tiny bit different then my experience at the best buy store buying my mac book pro. while you were embraced in this loving family, who look forward to years of sharing pictures, creating blogs and improving your life with them together, my best buy experience was met at every turn and question with “what”. Not even a question mark at the end to ensue a possibility of interest in my general being, but really a statement that let me know here and then that in the general grand scheme of things of best buy, i was just in the way. i should have walked in spitting out facts and numbers and service codes and have read and been ready to diverge the owner’s manual on any and all computers they should decide to sell that week. granted, my request for a light weight laptop with excellent battery power and little owner usage hassle does seem naive, childish, i’ll even venture a tad vague. but best buy let me know what the real deal was.
    that i was stupid.
    not just stupid, a damn jerk to be so stupid. and then to ask questions on top of it was like telling best buy employees to actually do their job.
    the nerve of me.
    in conclusion, i’m glad your mac family and you will be very happy and loving together. you make a beautiful couple. my local in-laws, on the other hand, really liked the ex better, she was more fun, she didn’t ask questions, and she always bought compaq. to actually see the mac family, the ones that say things like welcome all the time and are interest in how i’m enjoying my new mac life, i do have to travel about 40 minutes to an hour. but hey, that’s family.
    congrats again! maybe we can have a little family re-union at the man store. i’ll bring the chips and dip.

    • It is amazing the difference between “what?” and “what.” I was going to mention best buy, we were assisted by “Gregory,” and he definitely understood the difference between punctuation points — but best buy didn’t offer a military discount, as Gregory put it: “We show no love to the military.” So, that assisted in the decision. Plus, yea: good in-law v bad in-law. Those two issues really influenced my decision… However, Gregory also mentioned that once you buy a mac — no matter where you buy it — you’re in the “family,” so I still feel good about your “relative” experience. I feel you’ll be a little like cousins from the Bronx who have to drive quite a ways for Thanksgiving dinner…but then show up with great stories, fun accents, and intelligent observations…and, in your case, chips and dip.
      Um, also: you should have a blog. Really.

  2. A Mac – I have a love/ hate relationship with them. My Mac died after 15 months. The motherboard (?) gave up the ghost and I was kicking myself for not taking out an extended warranty. Then my son’s Mac died – but it was resurrected!!!! Yeah!!!! And I have to say I’m kind of attached to right clicking. Still I need a computer soon and I was going to go with a Dell or something, and then you buy a Mac and complicate things Kate. You’ve reminded me of how utterly beautiful those Apples are. And like Eve – I sure feel tempted!!!

  3. I hear you — I’m struggling with the no right click thing too. The first time I ever used a Mac I found it frustrating — that was years ago & I thought I was always going to be a PC girl…the main decider for me was that Mac’s are generally unsusceptible to viruses, whereas my old dell, even though I had a security system on it, got slow & bogged down immediately & always seemed to be warding off some virus or the other. It practically coughed when I turned it on. However, that is NOT cool that your mac died after 15 months! Where they able to tell you what did it in? And, yup, this lil machine is very pretty. :0) Definitely let me know what you decide!

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