Thankfully brushing the dust off…

'Holding Hands' Copyright Kate Forman 2004

'Holding Hands' Copyright Kate Forman 2004

So, it has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything here. Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting this blog and my other on-line presences: the website… the twitter….and the Facebook. As it turns out, it’s just as easy, if not easier, to be distracted and even overwhelmed by an abundance of good things. I’m used to griping about the ick and the gook — they’ve been my standard excuses for not marketing-painting-hustling enough — but I didn’t imagine that loveliness could be a de-railer too.

Plus, full confession: I was always walking a line between keeping the super personal & the super professional clear…I never saw myself as a blogger who’d use this forum as a diary. I wanted to blog to refine my sense of my presence on the web, market myself, get new ideas and words back, be a part of the times, and get better at using words to describe myself and my art. And then I hit this obstacle: how to express the super personal, super wonderful, and concede that it meant re-creating how and when to make art…

In short order: when I started this blog, not too long ago, I was a single childless lady who made most decisions, including artistic, within the wide open space that description entails. Now I am (happily, over joyously, breathtakingly) married and 32 weeks pregnant. It turns my head around, it amazes me, it inspires me, and…it’s changed me.

On top of that: two really cool illustration projects fell in my lap. I’m not complaining about any of this, no sireebob, I’m kicking up my heels in joy (okay: metaphorically, as I’m not jumping around at all these days.) However, all of this good stuff overwhelmed me…and in an attempt to prioritize this blog, and the above forums, went by the wayside.

But that’s not what I want, what I do want, now more than ever, is for  my ability to create art and generate an income from it to be consistent. So, taking a deep breath, I’m waltzing into this Thanksgiving Holiday giving thanks for the amazing goodness in my life: for my husband — who emboldens me, for my growing baby — who captivates me, for my friends and family who’ve always believed in me, and for my capacity to climb back on the horse, again, and continue trying to make this thing of a working artist…work.


6 thoughts on “Thankfully brushing the dust off…

  1. Kate, I am so pleased to see a blogpost from you! You’ve been so quiet (or I’ve been so out of touch) that I was afraid I’d somehow been dropped from your communications. But now I understand! Reading this awesome post gives me a clue now, and it totally makes my socks go up and down! I had no idea all of this was going on for you — CONGRATULATIONS! I am totally happyhappyhappy for you! 😀


    • Hello Miss Delayne! I have been completely out of the loop, ayi yi — but seeing your posts on FB was helpful — motivated me and made me feel still connected to you :0) I also now have a great mental image of socks rolling up and down in happiness! Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations — it feels good to be back. Hope all is well with you and yours, and all the folks of Mayfaire — Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Kate, I stumbled upon your blog a while back, and what I read was the inspiration to decide that I *definitely* wanted to follow your writing…and then, it stopped. I’m so glad you’re back. More than that, I’m glad for all your exceedingly great news. Heartfelt congratulations (despite being from one stranger to another). And best wishes for making your new dreams come true.

    • Hi Jacqui, I really like that “best wishes for making your new dreams come true,” what an awesome reminder — we can revise and revisit our dreams whenever we want. Thanks also for following this blog — I appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to jumping back into it. Thanks again for your support and smart words — and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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